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July 1, 2013


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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2013, 10:54 AM
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For future reference, this journal can be found in the journal history list in the journal tab on my profile. 

You have a little over 2 months left to make your entries!

End Update

Be sure to save these rules somewhere for reference. :3 

 I cannot stress this enough, but READ EVERY SINGLE WORD. If you miss a rule from not reading properly, it is not my fault. SO READ EVERY REQUIREMENT, TERM, and RULE.

Anything is subjected to change with notification, but check up on this journal once in a while just in case. 

Contest Details!

The first contest's theme is: Japanese Festival
You can choose any festival from Japan. It can be a local matsuri, a national festival, or a school culture fair. If it's obscure and you're not sure, ask me if it may work. Better to know than not and have done too much research for naught. 

Do not use festivals or celebrations outside of Japan as your topic. It will defeat the purpose of learning about Japanese festivals in Japan.

Do not base your entry on anime and what details anime/games/manga/stories/etc tell you. Go right to the source or even wiki it for details instead.

It has to do with a japanese festival. So, for example, cherry trees in bloom are fine, but there has to be some allusion to a cherry blossom festival for it to work. In otherwords, there needs to be more than just a picture/drawing/creation of a cherry tree in bloom.  

Hanami info for this example:

If you need help finding possible festivals, refer to this wiki entry as a starting point (remember, there are many local festivals, so this list doesn't have everything): 

(Note: The Lantern Festival is NOT Japanese in origin.)

Time Span of the Contest
You have from July 1, 2013 till October 31, 2013 to create your entries. 

If you started creating before this journal is posted, you have been disqualified for not abiding by the preliminary contest rules and giving everyone the equal chance of learning about Japanese festivals and planning their schedules.

To be announced at a later date when I finish making it. ;3 
A hint: It has something to do with Japanese Festivals. ;3 


You should NOT start creating before July and the publication of this journal. You should have used the whole of June to design, research, and plan your schedules to allow time to create between July and the last of October.
My reason as to why is under the list of restrictions.

:star:Almost any artform is allowed.
That includes writing and photography as long as it's clearly abiding to the theme.
Refer to the list below for restrictions

:star: Anyone can join as long as they are allowed to accept packages and are living in the approved shipping countries.
(Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Guatamala, Japan, Singapore, and Australia)

AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S CUTE, THE USA IS A DEFINITE APPROVED COUNTRY SINCE I'M LIVING HERE. I thought it was obvious enough that I didn't have to include it. :/ 

:bulletred:Restrictions or Art forms NOT allowed: 
This is set to change as I remember more things that would be restricted.

:bulletred:Creation must be specifically for this contest- If it's for other contests aside from this one, you will be disqualified and put on the contest's black list listed below WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU.
:bulletred:You must be my watcher
:bulletred:Nothing over PG (Has to be appropriate)
:bulletred:No pixel art (…
:bulletred:No sprite work
:bulletred:No screenshots of games, shows, movies, pictures, scenery, or anything you can screenshot.
:bulletred:No white words on black backgrounds or the like
:bulletred:No use of bases
:bulletred:No use of dolls unless you personally made them
:bulletred:No tracing
:bulletred:No 3D rendering
:bulletred:No photomanipulation
:bulletred:No use of others' art in any way, including stock photography
:bulletred:Must comply with dA terms
:bulletred:Must be legal
:bulletred:Must either abide by copyright laws if fanart is used (not recommended to use fanart)
:bulletred:No patterns/diagrams/premade guides for crafts unless you made them personally (I will know if you used a pattern that can be found online or in books)
:bulletred:No long tales, story must be at most 2 pages on Word (my challenge to you)
:bulletred:Nothing vulger
:bulletred:Must be in approved shipping countries
:bulletred:Must be tasteful and your best work.
:bulletred:Must be able to tell that it took effort to create and that you didn't slap it together in 5 minutes.
:bulletred:This list will be increased as more restrictions are brought to mind.

Requirements for Judging Artwork
:bulletred:Has to wow me, in other words, needs to be impressive

I will be making a feature of all who participated that passed the terms and requirements.
This is my way of saying thanks for complying and my way of trying to help you share your work with more people.

About the Restriction of Not Creating Artwork Before the Contest
Now, I have received an expected concern as to why I have the restriction of no working on art for the contest until July when I announce the contest formally. 

My reason is this: 

TL;DR: I wish for things to be equal and give everyone the chance to learn a new culture and aspects of it as well as learn how to control your muse and creativity to work FOR you instead of the other way around. I want to show you, my fellow artists, that patience is the best skill an artist can possess and that with it, you can create amazing things that you can be proud of.

Long version, as copy pasted from a reply - RECOMMENDED TO READ IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY

The reason why I, personally, implemented this restriction is to give people who have no knowledge of the theme the chance to do research and plan or even brainstorm. I want to give them a reason to open their horizons to new cultures, ideas, and events. It would've been the same with the other theme choices, maybe more for some and less for others. 
The other reason is to give those who do have an idea have time to make plans to create and come up with their own schedules so that they can dedicate time, even if the contest won't end till Halloween. 

I give everyone a chance to participate in the creative things I do when I ask for opinions, all I ask in return is to give everyone else who do not have their knowledge or ability a chance as well. It's also why I set up a poll asking if people would rather have the contest start in June so they can get started creating or use the extra month before the contest to plan and research. 

In the end, contests are tests, are they not, to your creativity. It's already restricted to one subject or theme, challenging you to concentrate your artistic abilities into one subject. 
However, this theme for this contest is so broad in all of the possible ideas that can be possibly created that it calls for some restrictions to give everyone a sporting chance. 

And if they respect my wishes for keeping things fair across the board as I can get it to be, they will not start the entries early. I find mostly greed for the prize would be the main reason to break that wish. Of course, there are many who have too many ideas and the interest is akin to a gnat's attention span, I suffer from this as well, so it's my challenge to people similar to I and you to try and control our muses and funnel our art as we want instead of the other way around and take our time instead of rushing in as though the world is ending tomorrow. 

I've been working on my controlling my own muse and it's difficult, but if I can slowly do it, I know you and others like us can. I believe in you. Always will because you are an amazing artist with amazing ideas. I know you can do it. :3

As to how I will know if they did start early, well, I won't, but they will have to live with the guilt that they cheated one simple wish. They won't have just cheated me or the other contest participants, but they will have cheated themselves of the chance to broaden their abilities as artists. What do I mean by that? 

Well, allowing oneself to be driven by our muse is amazing when she is loving, but we become lost when she disappears, leaving us to flail and lament the loss of creativity. 
This, in the end, is my way of trying to help and show other artists that we are the masters of our own muse; our muse may have a the gas pedal, but we hold the wheel and the breaks. Whether we use them is a different matter and I want to help in that. 

If all of that made any sense anyway. XD You can of course choose to see this as a cruel requirement, but life is cruel and I find this wish of mine nothing more than giving others a chance to learn about many things, the biggest one is patience.
We can all use the chance to learn control and patience, because, goodness knows, it's in short supply these days among the youth of our own generation. 
You can of course be mad at me for this, I don't mind and I even welcome it, but in the end, what I want to teach is patience is possible with some practice.

As a last note, I am not forcing you to join the contest. So if you don't like these rules and restrictions, you don't have to enter. I'm not forcing you. :3

Black List
This list will be featuring artists who did not follow the terms I have stated and tried to join the contest or have cheated or broken the rules for the contest in some way. 

Contest Entries

Will be listed here in thumbnail form as well as in a contest folder.
Bon Festival - finished by TheGirlWithoutShadow

Good luck, play fair, and have fun creating! :D 
If you have any questions, post them below and I'll do my best to answer. :3 

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